I’m going to make a ton of MONEY!!

They say that things change as time goes by. But there’s one expectation that was famous in the world of selling online, that I still encounter today. It takes me back to a time not long before, a tech was a lonely one person shop, repairing electronics.

When the tech boom hit in the 90s…Things we’re absolutely mad! The industry was booming and everybody wanted in. Tech salaries went from ok to OH MY GOD in a very short amount of time. 

Website were being sold faster that the bread at your local bakery. Everybody saw how well the tech companies were doing… Everybody wanted a piece of the pie.

At the time there was a notion that if you put a web site on the internet you’re going to make a ton of money. It was true to some extent. 

In the first few years of the tech boom that’s all you had to do. When the Internet really got its start. There was a huge influx of people starting to browse internet and not that many web sites to choose. So if you’re the only kid selling candy in a play ground, you’re going to rake it in.

If you got in really, really early you were able to benefit from being one of the only ones there. So yes you made money. 

But of course that didn’t last. In a very short amount of time a lot of web sites were built and today even more of them are being built.

Never the less its still one of the number one falls expectation I encounter with customers. It’s the first thing we tackle.

A web site is a business on its own and should be seen that way. Like with any business it must be built. Entrepreneurs love saying that… I built that company or I’m building my company. That’s exactly what you’re doing, you’re building an online company.

It’s a separate entity that has its own rules and its own way of doing things. The trick is to integrated just right into your current operations.

If you want to sell online, I can tell you that yes, you can be successful and very successful at that. But do expect to have to roll up your sleeves and put in some work. It will take time and effort to build a successful online business.

Make sure you put your efforts where they need to be. Getting a web site on the Internet is only the first step. Getting people to come to your site is where all the focus needs to be. Without people visiting your site, not much is going to happen.

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